This is Marcus Henry. Every day, since 1976, he releases a weather balloon into the atmosphere from St Helena Island at 11.15am and the data it collects is transmitted over 8000km to the Met Office in the UK. The balloon is filled with hydrogen which is why he’s wearing protective clothing.

Now THAT is commitment to information.

Like a less weather orientated, low budget and negligibly predictive Meteorological Office, I’m committed to absorbing and haplessly distributing all sorts of information. I’m a veterinary surgeon studying for an MSc in Science Communication so I will wander around in and write about the metaphorical archives on all sorts of different things; animals, humans, medicine, books, science, none of the above and Noel Fielding.

As a keenly committed but confused self-developer, I’m not entirely sure when I’ll stop wandering and focus on one of these. King J.R.R.Tolkein of New Zealand said however, that ‘not all those who wander are lost’ so I would recommend we all ‘wander the shit out of it’ while we can.

I am aware that doesn’t make sense.


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